Teddy Bear Cronus Devouring His Son

Teddy Bear Cronus Devouring His Son

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Based on Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son." In Greek mythology, the pantheon of gods was preceded by the reign of the Titans, and their leader was Cronus, called Saturn by the Romans. He had taken the throne from his father Uranus with the help of his mother Gaia, but then learned that he would in turn be overthrown by his own children. To prevent that, he ate them all.

The plan failed after his wife Rhea, angered by his culinary habits, colluded with Gaia, angered by his reimprisonment of the hecatonchires and cyclopes, to birth Zeus in secret; they gave Cronus a stone wrapped in blankets, which he immediately swallowed whole.

Goya painted the original on the wall of his dining room, behind the head of the table, and so he would be sitting in front of it whenever he had guests for dinner.

Prints are from a fixed edition of 100, and are 12"x9" (plus 1/2" border) giclée on archival 300gsm hot press paper.