Reid Orsten is a multidisciplinary artist born in Alberta and currently being civilized in Toronto. He graduated from OCADU’s Sculpture and Installation program in 2014 and works out of Walnut studios. Reid works in whatever medium will tolerate his ideas, which currently means painting, digital media, sculpture and installation.

His practice is driven by his agonizing studies in phenomenology, epistemology, linguistics, psychoanalysis and anthropology which provide a framework for developing art that aims to surface the ideological substance of the cultural artefacts that we use to understand ourselves, our culture, and our place in that culture.

Reid’s work often employs the tactics of the trickster, the liminal character who possesses the secret knowledge that ultimately does him in. In his art this involves works that flirt with failure, but succeed by the power of that very failure (or alternately fail by the very fact of their success).

Reid participated in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2017 where he was selected as a Juror Favourite and has been selected for the 2018 UNTAPPED Emerging Artist Competition for The Artist Project.